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Born decades too late Mikey Votano lives & breathes live music, real instruments, played hard & loud in front of a hot sweaty room full of screaming, dancing legends living their best life.  His latest project, Mikey Votano & The Originals, was born out of love for all musics & a passion to spread the raw feel good power of vintage Rock ’n’ Roll.

Mikey was brought up the Chuck Berry way, albeit playing saxophone, in swing bands.  13 wailing horns aside a swinging rhythm section set up a love for everything that hits hard & feels great.  A troubled kid, he moved from school to school, considered slow, lazy & disobedient due to a severe lack of focus, later diagnosed as ADHD.  Finding solace in music, hours upon hours were spent playing along to records during lunchtime & after school. 


Work for a sax player, with little experience, who’d just dropped out of university, was slow & Mikey took up a position as a conductor of orchestras & big bands.  Working one night, he was forced to sing after the booked vocalist didn’t show.  Word quickly spread & bookings for Mikey piled in as singer/sax player.  The thrill of directly connecting to an audience pushed him to new musical & performance heights.  Mikey currently performs a rock ’n’ roll cabaret show across the globe & arranges for & fronts his latest project Mikey Votano & The Originals with a similar goal, to perform real live music full of passion, creativity & talent, that leaves an audience with no choice but to sing, scream, dance & feel alive.